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About The Cranbury PTO

The Cranbury PTO strives to: 

  • actively support the education and enrichment of our children 

  • bring students and parents and staff together to promote community and involvement in our school

Cranbury parents take an active role in their child’s school life.  There are no PTO membership fees; everyone is a member.  There are many opportunities to get involved and make connections with other Cranbury families.  You can help with projects at home or at school, at family events or with fundraisers.  


Meeting Schedule

The PTO holds meetings each month on the 3rd Thursday of each month (except when there is a holiday/no school). Meetings are held in the library at 7:00pm -8:00pm. All meetings are open to everyone at Cranbury. 



**We're always open to suggestions and ideas.** 





Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions of parents and guardians.

  1. What is the PTO?

  2. Who can be a member of the PTO?

  3. How do I join the PTO?

  4. What is the KnowalotMore?




What is the PTO?

The Cranbury PTO is an organization of parents, guardians, teachers, and 
other school staff who want to promote the welfare of children in our school 
and community.



Who can be a member of the PTO?

Any parent or guardian of a student at Cranbury School, and any staff member 
at Cranbury School is eligible to be a member of the Cranbury PTO.



How do I join the PTO?

Everyone whose child attends Cranbury school is a member of the PTO. There 
are no membership fees.



What is the KnowalotMore?

The KnowalotMore is our monthly school newsletter. You'll find insights from 
the Principal, dates and other key details of events and activities, copies 
of forms that need to be completed and returned to school and more.

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